After NOVA

NOVA alumni share a common bond because of their experiences at NOVA and often connect with each other after high school graduation. Some alumni continue to swim in college or professionally and their careers are followed and celebrated by the NOVA community. We are proud of NOVA alumni! The values emphasized by NOVA help to develop great individuals as well as great swimmers: discipline, teamwork, persistence, goal setting, and more. These characteristics help to make NOVA alumni successful in the classroom, workplace, and elsewhere. Our swimmers are scholar athletes and learn the valuable skill of time management.

NOVA alumni offer invaluable help to our younger swimmers navigating the college application and recruiting process.
We are working to gather contact information for alumni. If you are an alum or have a friend or family member who swam at NOVA, please email us at so records can be updated. Please include name, year of high school graduation, college attended, address and email address. If you are interested in helping with alumni-related projects, contact us – we would love to reconnect!

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